Men should wear a suit or
shirt and tie and sport jacket.

Women should wear a dress
or a nice pantsuit.

Bethel is located in the foothills of the White Mountains of Western Maine. Major airports in the area include:

PORTLAND, MAINE. . . 1.5 hours drive
BOSTON, MASS. . . . 3.5 hours
MANCHESTER, N.H. . . . 3 hours
(Southwest flies into Manchester)

If enough people plan on arriving at the same airport at a similar time, we will try to arrange the rental of a large van to get people to the wedding. There is also a taxi service available from Portland to Bethel. Once again, if people aare arriving at similar times, we will try to coordinate transportation. Also, please e-mail us if you need driving directions.



The ceremony and reception will be held at the Bethel Inn in Bethel, Maine. The inn is an old mansion dating back to 1913. The area is known for its breathtaking foliage that we hope will be at peak color
during the wedding.

For more on the area, visit:


Our registry is pretty much complete. Yea! It was much harder than we expected, but it's done now. Granted, some of the stuff we have no illusions of actually getting, but we were told to treat it like a wish list, so that's what we did. Below are links to the individual stores' on-line registries. You can also actually go to the stores if you wish.

Pier 1


(also available at Hecht's, Kaufmann's, and a few other
May Co. stores)


The town of Bethel has many inns and bed and breakfasts. We recommend that guests book rooms at the Bethel Inn, where the wedding is being held. The rooms are beautiful and the location couldn't be better. Prices are reasonable and include breakfast. The inn has standard rooms, suites, and townhomes available. Please let them know you are with the wedding.

Approximately 18 miles from Bethel is a small motel owned by friends of Amy's family. The Blue Iris Motor Inn is comfortable, clean, and run by nice people. You can find more information at:


2.18.00 - First meeting, Waterbury, CT.

6.6.00 - First "real" date, Chris cooks, Amy survives it.

6.18.00 - A lovely, if sometimes sickeningly-sweet couple is born.

12.18.01 - Proposal, an answer is eventually given after Amy's breathing resumes.

9.14.02 - Bethel Inn booked, opening flood gate of stuff to get done.

10.18.02 - One year to go, Amy freaks out, again.

2.15.03 - Save the date cards and magnets sent out.

3.14.03 - DJ and photographer interviews begin.

3.17.03 - DJ and photographer interviews end.

3.18.03 - DJ Erich Kruger hired.

3.28.03 - Photographer decided on.

4.5.03 - Register at Pier One. Attempt registration at Target, but told scanner is broken and has been for a month. Also told that Target doesn't allow registering on weekends.

4.6.03 - Contact Filene's department stores to get appointment for registration at Nyack location.

4.26.03 - First meeting with minister. She agreed to marry us, so that went well. Also met with florist and wedding planner-type person.

5.1.03 - Return to Target, scanning gun supposedly still broken.

5.6.03 - Still no word from Filene's. Call and keep getting directed to voice mail at the Pittsburgh, Penn., store.

5.9.03 - Called Stamford, Conn. Filene's to make appointment. Told not necessary, just come on in.

5.10.03 - Register with really nice people at Stamford Filene's. Drive to Target in middle of Connecticut and register there as well(on a weekend).

5.16.03 - And now for something completely different: Break from wedding planning taken to attend wedding of groomsmen Mike Ostrander in Key West, Florida.

June - Mail-in shower begins.

7.??.03 - Another meeting with minister, she still agrees to perform the ceremony. Flower and other discussions.


September - Final meeting with minister, marriage license, all the other activities that come before the big day.

10.4.03 - Amy away for some more wedding stuff. Chris does what is likely the last pre-wedding update of this site.

10.18.03 - Big Day

LATER - Check back a few weeks after the wedding for pictures and such.

CHRIS will be killing time before the wedding with Best Person: Angi Daugherty, and Groomsmen: Mike Ostrander and Dustin Fallon.

AMY will be under the, hopefully, calming influence of Maid of Honor: Sara Welch, and Bridesmaids: Michelle Boucher-Ladd and Michelle Whissen


Our only shower is going to be the mail-in shower, already in progress. A bachelor party has been scheduled, contact Angi for details. A bachelorette party should surface eventually.